Post-Abortive Healing for Women

If you have had an abortion, the enemy would want you to believe that you have committed the one sin that is unforgivable – but that is a lie!  You can find forgiveness and healing at the foot of the cross!

The following ministries are abortion recovery groups that we have personally worked with and highly recommend.  They are each led by post-abortive women who have found forgiveness and healing and desire to help other women find the same.  The help is online so your confidentiality is secure!

Groups we have worked with personally:

PATH (private facebook group)

Post-Abortive Healing
for Partners, Parents & Others

Groups we have not worked with but have been recommended:‘s program “Ripple Effects” for loved ones affected by abortion

Silent No More – testimonies from loved ones affected by abortion – fathers, grandparents, siblings and more.

A book for those who have experienced the loss of a child from various ways, including abortion:

“I’ll Hold You In Heaven” by Jack Hayford