About Us

We are a pregnancy resource center located in Medford, WI.  We serve Taylor County and many of the surrounding communities.  We are a Christian ministry that seeks to help those facing an unplanned pregnancy.   Our goal is to equip people to make life-affirming, God-honoring and healthy decisions in the areas of pregnancy and relationships with accurate information, education, medical services, practical resources and community resources.


Our Mission

Abiding Care exists to be an extension of Jesus Christ’s love to anyone facing pregnancy decisions, sexual health issues, and post abortive recovery. The center is dedicated to the value and dignity of human life by providing:

  • emotional, spiritual, and physical support
  • medical services
  • parenting support and
  • referrals to community resources for on-going care 

What We Do

We provide a safe space for those facing an unintended pregnancy to talk with licensed and compassionate RNs, ask their questions and get the resources and support they need.


Our Community

We are a diverse group of believers who come from all walks of life, all age groups,  and different denominations for one common purpose:  to live out the call of the Gospel by rescuing the vulnerable, binding up the hurting,  and restoring hope.

What Our Clients Say

Below videos of just some of our clients, taking the brave step to share their story.  Notice their smiles.  This is what hope looks like.  This is the difference that your support is making!