Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

Dear Clergy,
In January we mark Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.  This day was enacted by President Regan to remember the lives lost to abortion since Roe v Wade was, devastatingly, made the law of the land.  Today the World Health Organization reports that worldwide there are roughly 73 million lives lost to abortion each year.  73 million unique and precious lives, made in the image of God. But let’s break it down even further. That’s 200,00 lives lost every day, over 8,000 an hour and 139 per minute.  Imagine losing a city of people, the size of Green Bay, twice a day.  Imagine losing a city of people the size of Medford, twice EVERY HOUR.  Imagine losing 4-5 classrooms worth of children EVERY MINUTE. We cannot stay silent.
We created this page for you.  We know that when pastors speak on this topic, lives are saved.  We know that when they talk about the forgiveness available to them through the Gospel and the healing that comes through programs that we have, women are set free!  But where to start? We know that pastors have a lot going on. We also know this is a tough topic to address – but as you can see by the statistics above, we cannot afford to stay silent.  So in an effort to lighten your load and give you a place to start, we have compiled some resources to help – everything from well done sermons on this topic, to articles, statistics and more. We will continue to add to this throughout the year  and hope this will become a help to you throughout the year.  We pray that this will be an encouragement and inspiration to you and that you will speak out as God leads you!
If you have any questions, need further resources, or want to partner more with Abiding Care, please do not hesitate to reach out!
Carrie Kraucyk, Abiding Care Executive Director


Abiding Care 2023 Annual Report – A snapshot of how your support helped us help our clients this past year

Care Net Pregnancy Center Impact Report – Statistics from our affiliate, Care Net, on the impact of pregnancy centers nationwide, from 2008-2022

Community Savings Report – A snapshot (provided by Care Net) of the services and support provided by pregnancy centers in 2022

Abortion Fact Sheet – Statistics compiled for 2024’s Sanctity of Human Life Sunday


Pro-Life Doc – Sanctity of Life videos by Dr. Lyle available to be used in churches

Equal Rights Institute – blog and video addressing one pastor’s concern


Below are some great examples of what different clergy had to say on the topic of abortion.

“How Not to Love Others” – sermon by Pastor Jason Freeser of Calvary, Phoenix

“Abortion” – sermon from Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr. of First Baptist Church of Glenarden

“What the Bible Says About Abortion” – by Greg Laurie of Harvest church

“A Biblical Worldview on Abortion” – sermon by Dr. Voddie Baucham Jr.

“Catholic Approach to Abortion” – by Father Paul Scalia